Directed by me with animation from Mel Roach, Dale Anderson, Leanne Lee and Andrew Onorato and music by Paul Fraser! It stars Zack Pearlman, Cameron Goodman, Stefan Marks and Maria Bamford!

It’s not often that I reblog the art of someone else onto my own tumblr, but I can make an exception for Hamish Steele’s impeccable “Dead End,” Cartoon Hangover’s newest short.  Hamish’s artwork is friendly and edgy all at the same time, and seeing his vision in motion (with a talented cast bringing them to life, namely my favorite comedian, Maria Bamford) is truly a privilege.  Sadly, it hasn’t gotten much advertisement or hype from Cartoon Hangover, and I can’t really figure out why.

WATCH IT!  Make fan art!  Support “Dead End” and let’s see if we as a community can make it something more than it already is!  If not, at least watch it because dammit, it’s funny and it’s well-made and I can tell you that Hamish really cares about it and it shows.  5 and a half minutes of your time, folks.  It’s worth it.