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I just wanted to say it's really awesome how open you've been about figuring out your direction with webcomics and how some ideas are or aren't panning out. I've always felt there was this need to seem like you always know just where you're going artistically, and that sucks, because that's so rarely ever the case. So thank you for being inspiring! I'm really looking forward to your next comic, whatever it may end up being.

I think this is partially why it’s so important for artists to be honest about their process, and even sometimes about their failures.  As a young artist, I’d say things like “by the time I’m as old as {insert artist’s name here}, I hope to be perfect, too.”  But that’s not a healthy thing to strive to achieve because it’s literally impossible.

It turns out, those artists I admire…they struggle too, all of the time.  Just like me and my peers.  I don’t want any artists who admire my work to think that just because I make it look easy sometimes, that it’s ever really easy.  It rarely is.

I come up with bad ideas all of the time that people don’t hear about.  I’m unsure of the ideas that I share, often.  My traditional sketches aren’t even all that great.  Like…seriously.  Most of my traditional sketches are really lousy!

Art is hard.

Hell, art gets harder the better it looks!

So yeah.  I’m happy to shed some light on myself as an artist, warts and all.  It can only benefit those who admire my work.

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